5 Steps to Install Volvo VIDA 2015A On Windows 7

Volvo VIDA 2015A download: (100% tested)


(fyi, it’s your own risk to try any free sources on the web)

Volvo VIDA 2015A Windows 7 install:

volvo dice 2015a installation tips:

1. require a laptop made after the year 2012 with core i5+ and cpu 4gb+

2.require the browser IE 11

3. require the disk C with more than 60gb available to install sw

4. must copy sw from the cd to the local disk in the laptop

(might fail to install vida if users run sw from the disk)

5. must insert the usb key when running files for installation

Volvo Dice VIDA 2015A vehicle list:

VIDA 2015A covers models to the year 2015 or 2016, and even 2019 (only a few)

XC90(-16) 2003-2016

XC70(08-) 2008-2016

XC60(-16) 2009-2016

V70XC(01-)/XC70(-07)  2001-2007

V70XC(-00) 1999-2000

V70(08-) 2008-2016

V70(00-08) 2000-2008

V70(-00) 1999-2000

V60 2011-2016

V50 2004-2012

V40 CROSS COUNTRY 2013-2016

V40(13-) 2013-2016

V40(-04) 1999-2004

S80L 2008-2016

S80(07-) 2007-2016

S80(-06) 1999-2006

S70 1999-2000

S60L 2014-2016

S60(-16) 2011-2016

S60(-09) 2001-2009

S40(04-)  2004-2012

S40(-04) 1999-2004

C70 COUPE(-02) 1999-2002

C70 CONV(-05) 1999-2005

C70(06-) 2006-2013

C30 2007-2013

Dice VIDA 2015A tech support:


Sales auto-diagnosis.org