Free download VIDA patch for “2014D expires 12/31/2017”

Has anybody found a way to offset the date in a virtual machine? VIDA 2014D expires 12/31/2017 23:59.
I have dedicated hardware with the clock set back to 2014 and no network time and date sync.
I would like to move it to a virtual machine but I know it will time out at the end of the year.

That was easy enough, once I realized it does not matter if the virtual machine bios date changes. What matter is if Vida sees it change.

This is all done in the virtual machine not on the host.

  • Install the operating system in the virtual machine, set a password when you create the user.
    Disable network time sync.
    Create a batch file with one command “Date mm-dd-yy”, where mm-dd-yy is date in the past.
    Create a Task schedule that will trigger when you log in and run the batch file.
    Reboot VM operating system to make sure the date is sticking.

If the date is sticking, Vida will see the date as a never ending day.
Now install Vida on the virtual machine.

I used Date 01-01-14, Vida 2014D installs and will never time out.
If you want, you can now set the user account for automatic login.

Still to do: Get a USB port mapped to the VM.

Unpack patch used in previous install and find 3 files.

It not as easy as you make it sound.
If I unpack to C:\ these files and patch folder get deleted by 2014A.exe and 2014A-B-D.exe after the patch is run.
If I unpack to a different folder I can get the patch folder and the three files.
I moved the patch folder to C:\Vida and ran from the command line. Got a cannot find specific path error.

What would be nice if somebody can make a new patch with the license file edited.

Successfully modified the 2014A patch to extend the subscriptionExpireDate to 2099 23:59:59.
The patch will not enable you run 2014D under windows 10 with IE11. For that your need more then the patch.

Get attached file.

1. Unpack file to Desktop.
2. Run 2014A-B-D-2099.exe
3. Install to C:\
4. Reboot and log in to Vida after the icon turns green.

I have Vida 2014D running native in Windows 10 E11 in real time in a VM.
Next … do it on the host just like any other application.

Thanks to Doublebug for showing where to look.

Link to Volvo VIDA – never expires: