How to disable DRLs with Volvo VIDA DICE

Daytime running lights or DRLs are the very important element that claim make driving safer. But on some occasions, having running lights makes viewing of a drive-in mode difficult when you need the air condition on, in this case, you have to turn them off depends on your vehicle type. The text below displays how to disable DRLs of Volvo vehicle models.

Volvo VIDA DICE 2014D
A laptop running windows 7 operating system (ONLY)

Here we go:

1) Insert the Volvo vida dice CD software on to the laptop and install the software, here is a software installation video guide for you to refer:

3) or you can get PDF user manual in wobd2 webpage.
2) Enter vehicle model, type, year etc information to proceed
3) Connect the Volvo VIDA DICE unit into the OBD diagnostic socket
4) Select “DIAGNSOTIC” in the function menu.
The default setting is Flexnoll. Switch it to Flexstd and click program. Click “Programmed values”>>Daytime run-lights>> Flexstd



5) Select “Information” function option. Daytime running light (DRL box) is a light gray and inactive. You can check the DRL status. Click “Start programming” to disable daytime running lights.
6) If you need to diagnose other ECU modules, back to the Diagnostic function interface. Otherwise, exit the program.