How to rinse BVA with Volvo VIDA DICE

Good evening,
today I was finally able to rinse the BVA following the procedure of the first page: using a pack of 12l of oil.

The tutorial is excellent, I will add only a few comments or details for novices like me! Already, it must be a month that I prepare myself including 3 weeks for the part DICE / VIDA and a week to order and receive oils and parts.
Moreover the price of the parts has increased well: 11 € for the 2 joints and the screw

A few things to know:
– to reach the drain plug, it is necessary to remove the big plate of protection under the engine, one can see it on the photo: with the tutu that goes well, and the melted snow still flowing under the mammoth …


I did not quite understand, but the gauge screw is in the drain plug: at first I was looking for the 2 screws under the engine

The filling of the new oil: I took a piece of garden hose to extend the funnel, and the diameter is a bit too big. I also had a pipe all-works diameter 9mm: too small and too long. With the garden hose, you must fill slowly, there is too much flow, and although the oil is very fluid, the tank does not follow, so it can overflow. I did not take more photos … but just emptying, we see the color clear with each rinse. I would have used: – 4x 2 cans of 1l for 4 rinsing – 3 cans of 1l for the final filling: 2,5l + 0,

rinse-bva-volvo-dice-1 (1)

At the felt level, I go from a distance … this emptying was done on a vehicle at 199 000 km and 5 years. It’s impressive, I feel like I have a brand new box! And suddenly, I think I had jolts as I read here and there. Everything is erased, the passage of speed is extremely soft, smooth, sometimes we do not even feel it. I’m really happy with this operation, a big thank you to the gentleman who did the tutorial on forums. The CC should offer it to their client, it’s not complex and the result is really felt.