How to Sovle VOLVO VIDA DICE 2014D Error “VIDA NOT OK”

Volvo Vida Dice during installation I get this sign that “VIDA NOT OK” , so it feels that the installation process ends there and doesn´t install the software.

The solution:
With lots of help from engineer, I’ve actually managed to get my VIDA working!

1. To do this I went into Windows START button/ programs/ Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2/ Configuration Tools/ SQL Configuration Manager…(left click on it to open)

In the left hand pane left click on ‘SQL Server Services’.
In the right hand pane you need to make sure that ‘SQL server (SQLEXPRESS)’ and ‘SQL Server (VIDA)’ are both set to ‘automatic’.

2. Reboot.
3. Go back into ‘Add/remove programmes’ and uninstall VIDA only! Do not uninstall anything else. Its about 1.5GB from memory.

4. You must go into ‘My computer’, Local disc (C:\), and delete the folder named VIDA.

  1. Open ‘program files’ folder and delete the two folders ‘Volvo’ and ‘Volvo cars’.6. Reboot.

    7. Reinstall VIDA 2014Dusing the normal ‘all in one’ option. (Be patient), mine took 45 minutes.

    8. You should get the VCC Intranet / VCC Internet /Internet options come up. Select Internet and then let it carry on installing.

    9. Reboot and then install the ‘crack’ without changes the field.
    Its a dos programme so you will just see a couple of DOS windows open and close.

    I did all of the above in that order and it worked for me after over 8 months of pissing about trying to get this sodding software working.
    Now I only hope my DICE unitstill works!

    All of the above was done after a unsuccessful installation with the ‘VIDA NOT OK’ message after installing.

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