How to update Foxwell NT620 Auto Scanner

Foxwell NT620 is a newly released high performance auto pro for American vehicle market made by Foxwell. It supports update. The update processes contains following steps.

Step 1

First of all, you should download update tool DiagMate from the foxwell official website to select NT620 from the menu and download update software. Here is the official website:


Step 2

Click to select “Download PC Application”. This is a zip folder which includes all the foxwell pro series PC applications.


Step 3

After completing download the foxwell series zip folder, unzip the update tool file and copy them to your laptop/PC.


Step 4


Click the Setup.exe driver to install the software and launch the application.


Step 5

Remove the Memory Card from the scanner before plugging it into the card reader. Then insert the reader to your laptop/PC.


Step 6

Please login with your foxwell ID and password. (You will get them when register foxwell account).

Foxwell login

Step 7

Select “My update” to run update


Step 8

Follow the program instruction and an update massage (Update Complete) will display after the update process is completed.



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