How to use Foxwell NT500 VAG scan tool to disable seat belt chime on 2008 A4

I had Foxwell NT500 VAG scan tool for $180 + shipping from Shenzhen, China.

I tested it and verified it is able to coding e.g disable the seat belt chime on my 2008 A4.

How to disable the seat belt chime on 2008 A4 using Foxwell NT500 VAG scan tool? Go on reading following parts, I screenshot the whole procedure as follows.


Step – by – step procedure:

Go to option “System” , choose “Instruments”.

nt500 scanner


Go to “Function Menu”, choose “Coding”

Foxwell nt500 scanner


Go to “Coding”, choose “Software Coding”



Instrument Cluster (J285) Coding, choose “Ok”

Foxwell nt500


Complete explanation of code values:



Input new code using keyboard:

foxwell-nt500-disable-seat-belt-chime-on-2008-A4-06 2008 A4



I had to edit all of the other values and set them to their current values otherwise it says “Coding Not Complete”:



Coding success:



The ECU information displays, click “Save”




Hope it helps!