JDiag Elite J2534 Coding Programming and Car Diagnostic Tool

JDiag Elite J2534 Diagnostic and Coding Programming Tool is the new generation J2534 tool from JDiag Inc.

JDiag is the most validated and accepted J2534 device in the world. It has been on the market longer than any other J2534 device, it has been approved by more automakers than any other product, and has been called the “golden standard” by customers and competitors alike.
Top 3 Reasons to Get JDiag Elite J2534 Diagnostic and Coding Programming Tool:
1.Update:Update online free lifetime.
2.Software has been installed well, you can save time and use it directly when you receive the item.

3.There are three types of connection method: via USB,WIFI and LAN Cable.

Attention:1Although there are three ways of connection,but at present,it can not support wifi function for the Network Card is out of stock.
Once the item is available which support wifi,we will notice you.
2There are three windows system,including 2 windows 7 and 1 windows 8.1. If you nust be chosen one of system when you open computer,the                                 system has been installed.

The JDiag offers a wide range of capabilities to help you grow your business and retain customers including:

Module Programming
Diagnostic Functions
Key programming
Data monitoring
repair shops

Why are you chose JDiag?

J2534 products are the strongest in the industry. We  helped invent J2534, created the first tool ever to use it, and work with OEMs around the globe to continue improving the technician’s experience. Here is more about our company:


  • Founded in 2015, focus on automotive electronics
  • Helped develop many SAE standards (i.e. SAE J2534)
  • Supplier to all automakers J2534 tools

Product Characteristics

Support more than 36 OEMs in reprogramming including:

Ford Jeep Audi Volkswagen Isuzu Toyota
GM Lincoln BMW Volvo Lexus
Chrysler Mercury Jaguar Daewoo Mazda
Chrysler Pontiac Land Rover Honda Mitsubishi
Cadillac Oldsmobile Mercedes Hyundai Scion
GEO Saturn Porsche Infinity Subaru

The most supported J2534 devices available

  • Approved by more automakers than any other company
  • Fully compliant to SAE J2534-1 & support J2534-2
  • Known thru the automotive industry as the gold standard for J2534

Excellent technical support

  • Help from experts who know and use the product
  • Our J2534 Tool Box make it easy
  • Web tutorials and step-by-step videos

More Jdiag information please search :

WOBD2 Mall :http://www.worldobd2.com/


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