What 2014D Volvo Vida Dice can do on Win 7

I was playing around my Volvo Vida Dice 2014D for some times. It is a great Volvo diagnostic system that I would recommend. I have hooked it up to HP laptop running Windows 7 xp home.

After succeed install Dice software by referring to the video or download the instruction menu from wobd2 webpage, then do as follows.

Welcome the vehicle selection menu and enter vehicle information, model, year, engine, transmission, steering etc. The picture below displays my vehicle details. After that simple press “READ VEHICLE”, the system would display VIN and Chassis number automatically.

After that select Diagnostic>>Fault Tracing>>Erase ALL at the bottom left to clear codes. I have got two error codes: CEM Door unlocked, left rear signal too high and DDM-002B Mirror motor MC signal too low. They were all released by a simple press.
Volvo dice 2
Go to the Vehicle Communications and click on the subsystem of interest in the car diagram to view various sensor values and subsystem information.
Volvo dice 3
Then back to Vehicle Communications menu, click ETM to do a test. I believe ETM test is under Advanced. Follow the directions when you get there. Here is the ETM test picture display.
Vida ETM Test
I also did some other tests, overall, it was great.

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