BMW ICOM A2 System LED Turns Red and Flashes Always(SOLVED)


BMW diagnostic mux ICOM A2 System LED stays red and flashes/blink always. No problem exists after self-test and firmware update.

bmw icom a2 self test

bmw icom a2 firmware update

Solution 1:
1)-rehot hot aır gun thıs ıc ..
2)-ıf no, replace or change new one ..
3)-problem that ıc..

2015.11.03(陈)-wobd2-BMW ICOM A2 System LED Red Flashes solved

Solution 2:
Solution of the problem with the nonexistent fun. LED is again green.
The pulse generator to buying on auctions.

2015.11.03 (1)

NOTE: it’s technical, so if you are not experienced, please be careful to try this; otherwise, you may destroy your ICOM mux. And the solutions are mainly available for ICOM A2 (China, clone)as follows: