BMW X5 E53 2006 odometer correction

Please guide me to adjust odometer for BMW X5, E53 2006:

EWS 3+: HW 04

SW 08

Dashboard VDO: HW 15
SW 21

Which programmer I have to use, and do i need to change mileage in both (EWS and Dash).

E53: Dash,EWS,LCM,DDE,EGS and VTG.
XprogM and BMW Scanner 1.40 will do the trick.

EWS by xprog-m k-line adapter,
DASH by xprog-m by back point in circuit,
KEYs take km from EWS,
LCM, EGS, DTC… by PA Soft (BMW Scanner 1.40).

FYI, if BMW X5 E53 2007 CAS and dash, you need r270 programmer, it will erase eprom and write new data (dashboard done) the R270 will also do the Cas3 module it will supply wires and show you where to solder them and the software will help you complete the CAS part of this adjustment.