How to Program/Code Used Ford Module?

Here we’ve collected info on how to program and code used Ford modules.   1.Where to get information? Online platform to provide info about Ford: Ford diagnostic software downloads: As built data: Updated calibration info:  … Continue Reading

How to Solve Ford VCM IDS 3 Error: Unregistered or license expired

Question: Hello the problem is that I lost the order number of the piece but I bought it six months ago,it turns out that the program got blocked and I updated it on your page and the FLY gives me that message.I bought the piece with the 111 version for ford and mazda and on its page it is with the 113 version I would like to know if you can help me with this problem that I have I would appreciate beforehand for your help. Error message: FLY VCM IDS3: I have the same as what’s claimed on the web   source: Solution: please download the latest Quickloader v5.11 to test Feedback: Thank you, I have already updated it and I work… Continue Reading