Honda HDS 3.102.051 iHDS 1.004.012 Free Download

Free Honda HIM HDS 3.102.051 iHDS 1.004.012!2ZIhDCJB!r56-WGPTXfjsNTu2rmtwwQ No pass HDS 3.102.051 iHDS 1.004.012 J2534 Rewrite 1.00.0013_20180123 Note: immo only works with hds so dont install ihds over hds if you want to use it How to install Honda HDS 3.102.051 iHDS 1.004.012: (FAQ) There… Continue Reading

3.016.033 Honda Diagnostic System read DTCs data list of PGM FI

Honda Diagnostic System (HDS) 3.016.033 has been released at wobd2. And this is what technicians test on Honda INSIGHT 2010. OS system: Windows xp Language: English Models: Honda INSIGHT 2010 Tools to used: Laptop with WIN XP HIM, the latest… Continue Reading