Ford VCM2 Different Version Reviews

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VCM 2 SP177 review:
Here is a SP177 version with wifi , I have bought the same without wifi 1 month ago and it can do programming and everything a genuine VCM2 can.
has anyone else bought the sp177-1 from chinese? they are out of stock on the sp177-c so they sold me the sp177-1 which is actually an fvdi 2534 board inside. It uses vcmxloader to start the ids program and does not need a license due to FLY having an account. But i cannot get it to communicate with the pcm and i have installed on windows 7 laptop as instructed.
VCM 2 SP177-2 review:
Bought VCM 2 sp177-2
1 – USB cable that came with it doesn’t even fit the tool. It’s just too big to reach the connector.
2 – they state same as sp177-c or sp177-c1 which is a big lie. Components quality is nothing near similar.
3 – most important.. it’s unusable. It keeps disconnecting from the laptop every 10 to 20 sec while watching data logger. I don’t want to even risk programming with it.
I have bought  VCM2 Spp-C and they sent what was advertised. I have done module programming on 10+ cars (both PWM and CANbus) and every time without any issues. And I will do programming 100% as original
My sp177-c1 works perfectly on ALL new generation ford / Mazda but have difficulty to achieve some functionality on old ford based ECU (also on Mazda equipped with ford ECU).
I’m pretty sure that the Chinese “engineers” who developed those clones didn’t copy the OEM board 100% . They must have took some shortcuts to save $$.