Full BDM Adapters Works Great on KTAG KESS KTM Dimsport

There is a useful tool suggested to ECU tunners.

KTAG KESS KTM Dimsport BDM Probe Adapters are now available on eobdtool.co.uk, ECU tunners will take advantage of them.


Full BDM adapters list:

1 14AM00T01M Bosch

2 14AM00T02M Delphi DCM

3 14AM00T03M Bootloader ST10xx

4 14P600KT04 Infineon Tricore EDC/MED17

5 14AM00T05M Marelli MPC55xx JTAG

6 14AM00T06M Delphi MPC55xx JTAG

7 14AM00T07M Denso CN1 Boot

8 14AM00T08M Denso CN2 Boot

9 14AM00T09M Denso CN3 Boot

10 14AM00T10M Denso CN1 AUD

11 14AM00T11M Denso CN2 AUD

12 14AM00T00M Delphi DCI

13 14AM00TBAS Base Adapter 1.27

14 14AM00T14M NexusEFI T6 Lotus

15 14AM00TB02 Magneti Marelli BDM insert

16 14AM00TB01 Siemens BDM insert

17 14AM00TB03 EDC7 BDM insert

18 14AM00T18M Magneti Marelli MPC/SPC56xx

19 14AM00T13M Nexus MPC5xx TRW ECU

20 VAG 1.6tdi – Siemens-Continental PCR2.1

21 14AM00T15M Toyota NEC76F-20

22 14AM00T16M Toyota NEC76F-26


Picture means a lot:

Full BDM adapters work on:






ECU tunners tend to have both full BDM adapters and Led BDM frame:

Option 1:

BDM Frame with 4 Probes Mesh and LED Full Kit


Option 2:

another version of BDM Frame with 4 Probes Mesh and LED Full Kit







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