How to Install UPA USB V1.3.0.14 Software

UPA USB New 2014 V1.3.0.14 is an auto ECU programmer, package with 912 adapters that other cheaper UPA USB version does not have, only support English.

Supported computer OS: Windows XP

2014 V1.3.0.14 UPA USB software installation tutorial:

Video Guide for your reference:

Insert the CD into computer CD-ROM drive (UPA USB programmer packed with new software in the CD);
Copy Zip File “UPA 1.3” to desktop and then extract it;
Open extracted “UPA 1.3” Folder >> “uuprog_13014r2” and run “Setup”;
Follow instruction prompts to finish setup;
UPA-USB device programmer setup
Open the file shown below and copy all files under it;

open uuprog file
copy all the files
Right click “UPA-USB Device Programmer V1.3r2” to select “Properties”;
Click “Find Target…”
open target file
Paste 4 files copied above into the target file;
Click “Yes to All” to confirm file replacement
confirm file replacement
Automatically come out Wizard for installation;
wizard installation
Select location as C:\Program Files\ELRASOFT\UPA-USB\Win_XP\x86;
set saving location
Easily finish Wizard installation;
Open computer Management to check whether connect well with ELRASOFT UPA-USB3.0 Driver;
computer management
Run “UPA-USB Device Programmer V1.3r2” on the desktop (Mark Red);
Input User Name and Activation Key;
Click “Activate”;
UPA-USB Serial Programmer Activation
Next come out “UPA-USB Device Programmer V1.3” window automatically;
Take pictures from this new software, check below:
UPA-USB Device Programmer V1.3 display 1
UPA-USB Device Programmer V1.3 display 2
UPA-USB Device Programmer V1.3 display 3