How to solve BMW ICOM A2 ISPI Admin Client error ILAC-0007

ISPI Admin Client is used for ISPI-NEXT authorization management and environment Configuration software. But some users explain ISPI Admin Client error ILAC-0007 they meet when they use BMW ICOM A2 diagnostic tool. Here is a useful solution shared at a forum. Put it here for sharing.


Solutions for ILAC-0007 error:

Modified.exe with ILAC-0007 error pop up removed.
(ISPI Admin Client 1.1.808.3)

Copy the file to:
C:Program Files (x86)BMWISPIiLeanISPI Admin Client
(Rename original first…)


Free download:



More info:

BMW ISPI NEXT is the latest generation after service tool for BMW, these brief instructions describe the basic functions of the AIR application (Aftersales Information Research) in Service.
The use of AIR in workshops is described in the ISPI Next Manual Service Technician.



For the Diagnostic, it use IPSI (Rheingold) and ISPI Next for Coding Programming functions.

You can install the software in Win7 Win8.1 as well as WIN XP if you want to.

ISPI Software List

The software request bmw dearler account and password to access the BMW Serve to work online, software including AIR (Aftersales Information Research), ISPI Administrator HDD Update, ISTA-P, ISTA, and ISPI location.