How to update VPECKER EasyDiag V6.4?

Come to get the newest VPECKER EasyDiag V6.4 software!!

Download the latest software
Update procedure:
1) Please save your account ID and Password , because you will be asked to enter these info after upgrade.
2)Pleased delete the Version 6.3 before you download the Version 6.4
3)You can download the V6.4 by this link

News about the VPecker 6.4
1. Support the BlueTooth connection. (Need Bluetooth Version VPecker Easydiag, will release soon)
2.Optimize the WIFI connection and license checking.
3.Optimize the production activation.
4.Fix some display bugs
5.more Speccial Function in the ESS system ,
like the Mitsubishi Pro V18.0 , Subaru Pro V18.0 and Oil reset V18.0

sp247-vpecker-new ESS

E.g. Vpecker Easydiag Mitsubishi Pro V18.0 Released.It has upgraded many new vehicle models , covered more systems and new special functions .

6.Vehicle coding function
The newest function that our software system have developed.
With this function , we can comply the On Vehicle Coding ,Off Vehicle Coding, Coding Information ,Coding Information & Copy, Option Coding ,Chassis No./VIN Writing and etc.
And the corresponding system includes MPI/GDI/DIESEL,AT/CVT/A-MT/TC-SST,4WS/Electric Power Steering, ABS/ASC/AST/WSS and etc.

what is the ESS system and what’s the special?
ESS means Expert service system, according to customers’ requirement list, focus on special functions
such as Oil change, Idle speed learning, Idle speed Adjustment, Air bleeding, Level calibration,
Throttle adaptations, Steering Angle Sensor Calibration, EPB Reset, DPF Reset,
ECU Initial startup, ECU initialization, etc.

Special function in Honda pro
Special function in Honda pro

Toyota Pro , more function in the ESS system .
Toyota Pro , more function in the ESS system .