How to update Xtool OBD-II Tools VAG401, PS2, X100 Pro

How to update Xtool OBD-II Tools VAG401, PS2, X100 Pro (Chinese)

The Xtool brand OBD-II tools have been widely respected by mechanic /technician/locksmith. The update instruction below fits all OBD-II tools manufactured by Xtool tech, including Xtool X100 pro, PS2 Truck diagnostic scan tool, X200 oil reset tool, Xtool VAG401 scanner for VW, AUDI, SEAT and SKODA etc.


(Disable any anti-virus software before running an upgrade)


1) Browse to Xtool official website, register with Serial Number, password and dealer code “XTOOL” (all letter capitalized)


Check the Password after set up the device.

xtool update


2) Complete valid User information (Item marked * must be filled in)

Please remember the User name and password you entered for further login needs.


3) After register completed. Back to Xtool homepage, click on “Update tool”


This will create an “UpgradeTool.Installer” shortcut on the desktop, double click the icon, click “Next” until the installation completed



NOTE: DO not change the file destination.


4) Update Tool installer Installation completed. This will create “UpgradeTool” shortcut, double click to open it


Enter User name and Password, click on “Login” button. Remove the SD card from your X-tool device, put the Micro SD Card into the SD Card reader and insert the SD Card reader to computer via USB port.


5) After finish installing Xtool update tool, please confirm following settings:


Make sure the SD card has enough space (128GB), better to format the SD card and login again

Confirm the “Serial Number” is exactly the same as your device serial number

Please confirm “Download language” is the your device language

Check if your laptop has been loaded compression tools WinZip, rar, etc, if not, download one

Make sure SD card is correctly placed into the SD card reader



6) Click “Update”. The system will prompt “Update Completed” windows; click “Yes” when update is completed. Check all software have been completely updated. If not, please logout and update again.


The SD card, SD card reader, USB port, update tool, network connection, server etc all will affect the update.


7) Update Completed. Click “Yes”

Exit the hard disk

Insert the SD card to the Xtool device.