How to use VCM2 for reprogramming PCM on FORD MUSTANG 2006

Have used VCM2 for reprogramming PCM on FORD MUSTANG 2006 in bank. Ready to light, just cycle keys.

vehicle specs:

vehicle: Mustang

engine type: 3v

capacity: 4.5l

transmission: automatic

fuel type: gasoline

emission level: so state emission

programmable module installation – pcm

install a new module in the vehicle

vcm2 sp177-c1 is working

erase procedure in progress

pcm reprogramming…pls wait

pcm reprogramming:

if required, obtain a pcm reprogramming label and complete with the following data

note: a reprogramming lablel is not required on vehicles serviced in the North America



place the completed label in the appropriate position

read vehicle information using Launch crp123

pcm reprogramming…

changing security access

on the table