(Solved) Unable to connect with Inpa or Ncsexpert


When I connect cable to car red led is on but when I try to connect via Inpa (airbag) led goes out and message says cannot connect, with Ncsexpert led is on until I select CAS and then it immediately goes out and message “Vin is faulty” COAPI-2020: No answer from ECU IFH-0009: ECU not connected or doesn’t answer.

2008 E70

Device I used:
BMW ICOM A2 (with Rheingold 2014.12)
K+DCAN interface

My 2008 E70 does not need pins 7 & 8 of the interface to be connected, but earlier KCAN cars do.

The 3 steps needed to address are:
1. Check the com port the interface is using (via Device manager)
2. Edit C:EDIABASBinobd.ini using a text editor such as Notepad and make sure the com port in the second line of text is set to the same one as the interface is using
3. As soon as you connect the interface to your USB port and car (i.e. whilst the LED in the interface is on), run D-CAN.exe and set the same com port details and configure the interface to run in the mode that suits the car (DCAN if built after 03/2007)

Hope it helps you out also.

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