GM Tech 2 can refalsh an ECM?

Discussion: GM Tech2 can or cannot refalsh an ECM

A: A TECH II cannot re flash an ECM. It is a diagnostic tool used to diagnose issues with all your car’s computers ECM/BCM / ABS —-In order to do a relash back to stock you need other software The dealer does have alternative software programs to flash your ECM back to stock But it is NOT the TECH II Many repair shops have the TECH II it is common software for any shop to do diagnostics ONLY
You can have the dealer reflash your ECM back to stock for like $150 OR you can have a tuner do the same thing–someone with HP or EFILIVE However the benefit with a tuner having HP or EFILVE is that they can “compare” your existing ” tune to a totally stock tune from a car of the similar year and same operating system—-The dealer cannot compare your existing yune from a stock tune—–A tuner can compare your tune and if he deems it is indeed stock then there would be no need for the cost of a full re flash

B: This is not true at all. I just programmed my new PCM to stock using the AcDelcoTDS site and a Tech2. The Tech2 won’t do newer cars, up past like 2008 or so, but for the C5 it’s a great tool. It is also a diagnostic tool as well, but for service programming, the only thing it lacks is the ability to do that stuff without paying GM the $55 subscription fee. Pay the $55 and you’re on your way.

If you want to know if the tune in your car is stock, all you need to do is get the tune from your car and have someone with HPTuners or EFI open it with the compare function and see what’s different. There might be super minuscule things, but for the most part it should show no differences.

A: What to the heck you mean ? I said exactly the same things as you concerning what a tech2 can or cannot do so I am confused as to why you say I am wrong when I said the same thing as you did

B: Ok, well yes. the Tech2 CAN reprogram the PCM. Yes, AcDelco also has other programs you need to interface to in order to do it, but the Tech2 absolutely WILL reprogram one. I just replace my own a week ago and used a Tech2 to do it, and NEEDED the Tech2 to do it.