VPECKER Easydiag V4.1 Language Settings

This is about how to set language for diagnostic tool VPECKER Easydiag V4.1 in Win 7 system.

Right click Vpecker on Desktop, to Run as administrator.
Select Settings.
sp247 Windows7 [00_00_13][20151012-110339-0]
Select the setup language to continue.

E.g. Select Japanese

sp247 Windows7 [00_00_19][20151012-110434-1]

Automatically go to the menu.

sp247 Windows7 [00_00_25][20151012-110715-2]

Then you can go to online store to login.

sp247 Windows7 [00_00_28][20151012-110813-4]

When finishing language setup, you can use Vpecker at ease.

Note: you can set up the language as you like.

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