What is VXDIAG Authorization License and Use Tips

What is VXDIAG Authorization License?

It is a private customization service, customers can customize the model software they need according to their own needs. The following products meet the conditions that can be customized: vxdiag multi machines, vxdiag vcx nano pro, vcx se pro, vcx se benz, with serial number V52XP****, P71*****, V71*****, V83****, V94****, V94SE***.

The following VXDIAG products do not accept Authorization License:

– For vxdiag Benz device with Serial number V94XD00001-V94XD00500, it can be added BMW license not other car brands.

VCX NANO Series (SN: N52VA***, N52FM***, N52JL***, N52GM***,N52TL***, N52VL***): they are single brand device , not allowed to add license for other brands.

Where to buy VXDIAG Authorization License?

Recommend you uobdii.com, because it is more professional and it is on sale till April 30, 2021.

Look at this price table:

BMW  $89 Volvo $35
Mercedes Benz $179 VW $35
GM $70 Ford / Mazda $55
JLR SDD $55 Honda $70
Donet Free (till April 30, 2021) PIWIS3 $359
JLR DoIP $179 Toyota $35
PIWIS2 $145 Subaru $179
Toyota + Honda +JLR $145

Or you order 7 Car Software License Pack at much cheaper price here:


Note: Software available for GM FORD/MAZDA VW AUDI HONDA VOLVO TOYOTA JLR Subaru, customers bought the device with any 3 car software, if need all other brands, can buy this pack offer together.

How to add VXDIAG Authorization License?

  1. Buy License



Contact your dealer to provide VXDIAG SN (like: V83****** or V71******), buy License.

  1. Update License

– Wait until the factory engineer add authorization license successfully, we will provide you with the corresponding car software link to download.

– Please connect vxdiag device to one computer;

– Open [VX manager];

– Click [Device Manager]->[Information],then click [License] to update, and you will find the license has been added.

After License updated, then installation OEM driver. For example, Buy JLR SDD license, then Installation JLR SDD Driver.



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