WinKFP Error 209, Error 211, Error 106, Error 806 (SOLVED)

Here is a great collection about WinKFP for BMW ICOM A2. With this post, you can find the solutions for all kinds of WinKFP error, including Error 209, Error 211, Error 106, Error 806.


Error 209: UIF can not be read

Im trying to update my e46 updated my sp daten to v41
after clicking zb prog update in winkfp
i get Error 209: UIF can not be read

Winkfp error 209

The problem is the IFH-0018 error. Check EDIABAS.ini and ensure that the “interface=****” is appropriately configured for the interface type you are using. You also need to ensure that the DATEN files you are using are compatible with the version of EDIABAS you are running.

. Error 211: error 211 on flash programming

i was going to program my FRM using winkfp and i got this error and i dont know what it is please I need HELP!!
Error 211 on flash programming!

error 211

check your winkfp configuration
make sure it looks like this

error 211 solution

the 211 it was because i didn’t have the power supply connected with the right Volts.

. Error 106: error on setting ECU Adress


I choose confort mode enter zub mine was 9204527 for frm2 then I enter vin click ok then zub update click done after that send me to other window and I hit prog.zub update and program successful! Then exit winkfp.
FRM is programmed correctly.

. Error 806: error on deleting assembly line data

I’ve got the cable from like instructed by a few members in the DIY thread and installed INPA, DIS, winKFP and downloaded both V41 and V46 Data files for e60. Followed all of the instructions to a T in terms of installing software from the discs provided by the seller I got the cable from. When I do the assembly line import though into winkfp – I get this error message ( error 806 “deleting assembly line data”) with either V41 or V46 data files. It gets to about 94% of completion and then it stops .

Winkfp error 806-1

Winkfp error 806

Try finding a Windows XP computer and install the BMW programs on it. It seems that anything higher than XP can sometimes run into issues with programming.

Hope it helps you out.