Which BMW ECU Programmer is better

BMW Multi Tool, AK300 and CKM200 are three most popular car key programmers for BMW cars nowadays. So what is the difference between them?

Different in Vehicle 


BMW Multi Tool and AK300 programmer are professional BMW key programmers, while CKM200 not only can duplicate BMW keys but also Benz keys. BMW Multi Tool and AK300 are especially designed for BMW cars. The former supports more car models than the latter – AK300 can match key for BMW with CAS, CAS2, CAS3, and CAS3, while BMW Multi Tool also supports additional CAS4 cars. In other words, AK300 mainly work with 2002-2009 BMW cars, and BMW Multi Tool can work with most models built after 2002.




  1. BMW Multi Tool and AK300 programmer are able to EEPROM reading and writing, and CKM200 does not have the function.
  2. BMW Multi Tool supports key programming without the original key, while the other two tools do not.
  3. BMW Multi Tool can read and change mileage stored in CAS system, and the other two tools cannot.
  4. AK300 is able to work with old BMW EWS cars, but with additional cable, BMW Multi Tool is also able to nail it.


Operating system requirement


BMW Multi Tool and AK300 needs to work on Windows XP system, while CKM200 is a hand-held tool and does not require working with a PC.


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