Free Download OP-COM Software

Free download OP-COM vaux-com 150406b 150406d 131223c  121231i!HdAzUQwQ!lvIvgFBOTfKbyrKap5Y-0Bm7aBZ9S-l-77adGVaUv_s OP-COM 150406b Released Notes- What’s new New Interface firmware V01.64 Vehicle list updated to MY2015. New models are added: Corsa-E, Karl / Viva, Vivaro-B. New engine codes are added for MY2014, and MY2015, and the… Continue Reading

Opcom firmware V1.95: works more stable than opcom V1.7 V1.65


Opcom firmware V1.95 with new program 2014V Vaux-com 120309A is newly verified working more stable than opcom V1.7 & opcom V1.65, and is 2 dollars more expensive. Attach Opcom firmware V1.95 PCB: To compare with Opcom firmware V1.7 PCB (single layer): I.E:… Continue Reading

OPCOM 2012V Firmware V1.59 User Manual

Opcom CAN OBD2 diagnostic tool has released the newest version opcom 2012 (with Firmware 1.59), which can be used for Opel with PIC18F458 Chip. Here is the opcom user manual. 1. Free download: OP-COM Software&video guide (VAUX-COM_120309a.exe) 2. Device… Continue Reading