Clone OPCOM 1.59 2012V- which one for cutomer?

There are a lot of cheap clone OP-COM with VAUX-COM 120309in the market, and which one is for cutomer? Any advice to follow, please have a look at the following parts for reference.

I happened to find that there mainly are two kinds of China OPCOM scanners.


High quality opcom 1.59 should be like this, with a PIC MCU, model PIC18F458-I / PT.

opcom-1.59-pcb (1)

But some times you might get clone opcom v1.59 with the printed circuit board as below, including another Chinese MCU, marked OP-COM. But if opcom you bought like this, you could remove pin23(MCU), C22 & D5, and rplace the bad chip with chip PIC18F458.
Detailed insrtuction on modifying opcom mcu
opcom-1.59-pcb (2)

So where to get clone opcom with high-quality PCB?
opcom-1.59-pcb (3)

opcom-1.59-pcb (4)

opcom-1.59-pcb (5)

Customer review:
1) Opcom V1.60 is known to be buggy for Vectra-C so better to use v1.59 anyway

2) Op-com V1.59, Vectra C tested and its working like a charm

3) opcom v5 (1.59) hardware is the best cable. China clone V1.59 the one with real PIC18F458 works with 08/2010 china.

4)150-200 Euros for an EU clone which is a disgrace (they neither made the original software, nor hardware, nor license hack, they just pick up the profit by selling for ridiculous amount somebody else’s work). I would rather to spend 20 bucks worth v5 from China. It works.

5) Best way to do it is like Motronic wrotte, Owerwrite MCU trough diagnostic ids very uns Read ori PIN from Car , Put there new used dash , Read pin again, make reset with PIN from used cluster, swith off Ignition for a while, Swith On Ignition and program used dash with ori PIN. Switch off ignition for a while, clear all fault in car, try to start. After you can correct other values like mileage trough diagnostic. Don’t forget by programming mileage press+hold reset button on the dashboard.
I do that few time with clone OP com and work.