Hello, friend! Be careful while purchasing MVCI

Today, i would like to share my experience of MVCI interface from China.

It seems that there are mainly two kinds of MVCI cable 3 in 1 in the market, clone and original. Honestly speaking, as a customer it’s hard to confirm an original mvci on webs.

Happend to find this tips at http://mhhauto.com/
How to identify fake MVCI:
1.The fake one have no colorful box.
2.The fake one’s OBD interface is different.
3.The fake one’s USB connection is not firm and easy to break.
4.The PCB board is completely different from the original one, it is a copy of of our HDS cable. It only changed the shell and driver.
5.The software can not be updated online and exists some BUGs.
6.The fake hardware version is 1.4.1, the real one’s version is 1.4.7.

The serial number of the fake MVCI: MVCI006000001

Copy MVCI pcb
original-mvci-1.4.8 (1)

Original xhorse mvci pcb
original-mvci-1.4.8 (2)

I google and found mvci are marked with 100% original at wobd2.
The link:
original-mvci-1.4.8 (3)

Then i contact the cutomer service and read the sales and reviews there, to confirm that.
Sounds good.
And then i ordered the 3 in 1 mvci cable. I just received mine yesterday. Installed the Techstream software on the laptop last night, but haven’t plugged into the RAV yet to test it. It came with the software on a mini-CD. You see, items in the package.
original-mvci-1.4.8 (4)
original-mvci-1.4.8 (5)
No problem with XP once I installed the latest driver. As you can see my transmission fluidtemperature is 99.5:
original-mvci-1.4.8 (6)

I’ve been playing with the Techstream software tonight, and it seems to do almost anything. Looks like my 600,000 mile extended warranty has run out:
original-mvci-1.4.8 (7)

No problem, I’ll just turn it back to zero:
original-mvci-1.4.8 (8)

And now it looks like my 4WD light is on, which is strange since I don’t have 4WD:
original-mvci-1.4.8 (9)

I turned off the DRL’s, because I always drive with the headlights on anyway. I also changed the defroster to NOT automatically turn on the A/C compressor so I can control it myself. The dealer would charge a lot more than the 30 bucks this package costs–it’s a great deal!



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