Free Download Ford & Mazda IDS 116 for VCM2/VXDIAG VCX Nano

Hello to all.

This is the latest Ford & Mazda IDS software, version 116.



Ford IDS 116 download:


This Webpage has Changed:

Please read the following steps carefully to install Ford Diagnostic Software


Software Download Links
Step 1: Download Diagnostic Software
Then Install Diagnostic Software
IDS 116 Full
FDRS 21.5.8
Step 2: Download VCI Software
Then Install VCI Software
VCI Software 1.0.0 VCI Firmware What’s New – contains Details on this new software.
Step 3: Download Diagnostic Software Updates (if available)
Then Run Diagnostic Software Updates
Update IDS 116.02 See IDS Update Release Dates below.
Step 4: Download VMS
Then Install VMS
(Optional – VCMM Users Only)
VMS v1.1.879.0 Click Here for the VMS Manual

After Installing:

Diagnostic Software Updates will pop up on Mondays and Thursdays when available.

IDS Software Planned Release Schedule
Release Timing
R116.01 12/4/2019
R116.02 12/11/2019
R116.03 1/2/2020
R116.04 1/15/2020
R116.05 1/29/2019
R116.06 2/12/2020
R117.01 2/26/2020

Mazda IDS 116 download:!AoxH1SaR!V5VBWJsvrrsLz3XT3yo0cGjcwotJBXjg1m1odw076Ik

Version: Mazda IDS 116.0, released 12/04/2019

Operating system:

Operating System/Requirements Windows 7 Professional (32 and 64 bit) Windows 8.1 / Windows 8.1 Pro (64 bit only) Windows 10 Professional (64 bit only)
Internet Explorer Versions IE 9/10/11 (32 bit) IE 11 (32 bit) IE 11 (32 bit)

Note: Edge Browser is not supported

Processor Memory (RAM) 2 GB 4 GB 4 GB
Processor (RAM) Speed 1.8 GHz or greater 1.9 GHz or greater 2.1 GHz or greater
Processor Intel I5 / I7 Dual Core Intel I5 / I7 Dual Core  
Notes   Windows 8.0 users need to update to Windows 8.1 Windows 7 and 8.1 can update to Windows 10


You have to know:

  1. IDS install:

Mazda IDS and Ford IDS cannot be installed on the same computer. You will need to uninstall one of them to use the other.

  1. Vehicle compatible:

IDS software is only for 6th generation vehicles and earlier. MDARS is needed for 7th generation vehicles (see MDARS page for vehicles).

  1. Device compatible:
  • VCM II:

Mazda IDS software can only be used with Mazda VCM II, and Ford IDS software can be used with Ford VCM II only. VCM I is no longer supported.

You should used links below:

Ford IDS V116!fcoVnYZT!jpEjr4HHXU5Ifg8Hm0xERg

Mazda IDS V116!bMg1ECzT!BjEMSq1TUvdgn2aT2CKTEg

Ford_Mazda IDS Patch (No need VMware)!OV4RRC6B!seCWP6UCzOPWEDYlQxZ1iQ

Installation steps:

  1. Install the official IDS diagnostic software and restart the computer after completion;
  2. Install VCX client VX MANAGER, and install FORD type drive at the time point;
  3. Connect to the Ford VCX device and click “Ford_IDS_FIx.exe”. After installation, you will be prompted to create shortcuts on the desktop.


  1. In the future, when using VCX to diagnose Ford, we must click on “Ford_IDS_FIx.exe” to run the diagnostic software. Clicking on the original IDS is not diagnosable;
  2. The diagnostic software must be installed first, and the device driver must be installed.