DAF VCI Lite V1.1 Software Free Download

DAF VCI Lite V1.1 Software Free Download: https://mega.nz/#!roBCRaYY!ARZtWRkfzHwa_4sX8C_TWltHkp_5_S_hWOCUAiMdDEY Using acronis restore to your hdd. Or if you have enought knowledge you may install fresh copy of DAVIE3 on win7 32bit, and we will make all patch needed to run on DAF VCI lite. Full install: http://paccar.http.internapcdn.net/paccar_vitalstream_com/Application/DAVIE/DAVIEInstallation.exe http://paccar.http.internapcdn.net/paccar_vitalstream_com/Application/DAVIE/DAVIE_Application.exe http://paccar.http.internapcdn.net/paccar_vitalstream_com/Application/DAVIE/DAVIE_PRS.exe Or for Medium duty: http://paccar.http.internapcdn.net/paccar_vitalstream_com/Application/DAVIE/DAVIEInstall_MedDuty_EN.exe http://paccar.http.internapcdn.net/paccar_vitalstream_com/Application/DAVIE/DAVIE_App_MediumDuty_EN.exe If installing from 0 i suggest full install. But if have enough knowledge just restore preinstalled image from acronis Mega link. DAF VCI Lite device details: http://www.eobdtool.co.uk/wholesale/daf-vci-lite.html

How to install John Deere Service Advisor 4.2

John Deere Service Advisor 4.2 download and activation: Free version: John Deere Service Advisor v4.2.006 AG 02.2016 + CF 05.2016 + CCE 05.2016.rar https://mega.nz/#!ZTZVVLSD!RwWIbUvhH1gXRTBujS-cThq1kWLwx2C1fUJD8eIewgM John Deere Service Advisor 4.2 activator.rar https://mega.nz/#!ADgl0YiC!yVtJgEPJrQC6sCaQYY1-QGzWRiwfZFLyYPlJhGgtw0M Password: John Deere Service Advisor v4.2.006 AG 02.201613021973 Security: Unknown – Try on… Continue Reading

Bluetooth Nexiq USB Link 2 clone review

Reviews of Nexiq USB Link 2 clone version: VXTRUCKS V8 USB Link. Nexiq USB Link 2 genuine: Nexiq USB Link 2 clone: Source: http://www.cardiagtool.co.uk/bluetooth-version-vxtrucks-v8-usb-link-blue.html – the clone cannot update firmware I checked into this further and you are somewhat correct, You can not… Continue Reading