How to:LAUNCH CR-HD Pro Usermanual Guide

LAUNCH CR-HD Pro is an evolutionary smart solution for passenger car and heavy duty car diagnosis. It is a perfect choice for basic mechanic and DIY users.



LAUNCH CR-HD Pro Detailed Introduction

CR-HD Pro code reader is characterized by covering a wide range of vehicles. Featuring powerful functions and providing precise test result.


It equipped with 6PIN, 9PIN and 16 PIN diagnostic connectors, and has complete OBD2 and HD OBD functions. HD OBD includes protocols of J1939, J1978 and SAE J1979, especially for 24V heavy duty truck.


CR-HD Pro supports trouble code reading, trouble code delete, I/M readiness and reading data stream info for many systems, including engine system, transmission system, brake system, instrument panel system etc.


CR-HD Pro supports real-time graphing of vehicle battery status, DTC code lookup, check about OBD2, setup, cr-hd pro.


LAUNCH CR-HD Pro support language

Multi-language: English, Spanish, French, German, Russian.


How to update LAUNCH CR-HD Pro?

You can update the CR-HD Pro software via Internet anytime and anywhere, which is free for lifetime.

Step 1: Go to and download the update tool to the computer.

 Note: Make sure the PC has an Internet connection.

Step 2: Decompress and install it on your computer (compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10).

Step 3: After installation, connect one end of the data cable to the USB port of PC, and the other end to the tool.
Note: If the tool is properly connected to the pc, the no DTC led illuminates green color, and the DTC led goes out. Otherwise, the red led illuminates and the green led lights off.

Step 4: Launch the update tool on your pc, the system starts reading the tool. Once it obtains the tool information, it will directly navigate to the update center.

Step 5: The update process is complete, and your tool is now ready for use.

Note: To enjoy more and functions, you are suggested to check for updates on a frequent basis and keep synchronized with the latest available software.