(Fixed) VAS 5054 USB not connected, Device is not accessible

Nice! Just managed to make VAS5054 recognize ODIS 2.0 software and detect driver. Put it here for sharing.

Bought VAS 5054 Bluetooth with OKI chip from China, it’s the cheapest one, only for 49 USD. But it seemed that the system did not recognize the software and cannot detect driver either… Made great efforts for this, but it even didn’t work.

I tried tried to install ODIS 2.0 software on many operating systems, including
Win 7 32 bit
Windows xp 32 bit, 43bit
win 7 64 bit.
But all remains the same errors!!
COM Port was set to COM4
Error USB-not connected

“Device is not accessible” error


Cannot solve it myself… Then turned to the vendor. worldobd2 customer service suggested me that i should install ODIS 2.0 driver, and also sent me the link ( http://www.auto-diagnosis.org/install-vas-5054a-odis-v2-27-in-win-7-system/) for me to help install ODIS.

Adopted their suggestion and installed ODIS 2.0 software and driver. Software first, then driver. Connected to the 5054 device..fine… It did work!! No error “USB-not connected” or ”Device is not accessible”.

Forgot to mention, it’s said that those vas 5054a cables working ok with vas-pc v19 will work with odis 2.0 also. Maybe someone can try this. The same driver they are.

Hope my experience helps other 5054 owners. Here’s the cheapest VAS 5054 interface:


( thanks for the good review from the 5054 user- Bawazeer)

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