How to solve MVCI error “the device is busy”

This is the solution of error message “this device is busy…” in MVCI interface.

Tools used:

Original Xhorse MVCI cable

Laptop with WIN XP


Error message:

“this device is busy…” window when trying to connect your USB device through virtualbox


Reason for the error:

your host computer is seeing the USB device before the Guest window (windows xp)


How to solve the error with MVCI interface:

1- go into Devices and Printers settings on your host computer,

2- find the MVCI cable, right click it

3- go into properties, and UNINSTALL the driver

4- then unplug the cable, then simply just plug it back in

(make sure your guest Windows XP is up and running)

5- see the device pop up under the guest window and say connected.


NOTE: You should not have to go to “devices – USB – MVCI” to connect from the dropdown, it should do it automatically.

You can get the most up to date Techstream software here:   (141.7MB)   (129.7MB)   (127.7MB)   (118.5MB)  
Update MVCI Drivers

You also have to install all files on the guest machine into windows XP operating system, only Win XP.