Coding Error CAFD_00000000f-005_024_221in CAS module(fixed)

This week, I was able to start successfully coding my F01 (2013 750i) via ENET Cable for ICOM E-SYS and make a few tweaks. But the most important ones I want are in the CAS module. When I go through the normal steps…

– select the CAFD_00000000f-005_024_221 entry under the CAS folder
– right click and choose [Read Coding Data]

… I get error “File for “CAFD_00000000f-005_024_221 not found (C012)”. I didn’t get it for any other modules.
BMW coding error

Talking about it on forums, I was told that my psdzdata version is too old. I searched for a newer version but didn’t get a hit… Then I just downloaded v54.0. And  another option by a forum boy is that, “if your car still has software from factory: Sometimes at factory they install cafd versions that are not part of any psdzdata version. Solution for this is to inject new cafd via detect caf for swe and then vo-code the module.” Actually, I got it used (2 years old, 18k miles) so the code is probably still factory fresh. And 54.0 worked fine for everything else. Just not the CAS module. But, you know, I do not know how to inject cafd even if I looked into a the E-SYS user manual (v1.4 from 2007) and it briefly talks about detecting CAF for SWE… Also, I don’t want to run out to my car right now but I found the following:

With this, that file worked fine… no issues. Now I’m working on my last tweak for the FRM module but I’m missing the following file:
I am not able to get cafd_0000106d.caf.012_003_012, but I inject the following replacement CAFD into the ECU, VO Code it, then can FDL Code ECU:


Connect => Read FA (VO) => Activate FA (VO) => Read SVT (VCM) => Left-Click on desired ECU => Click on “Detect CAF for SWE” => Select the replacement CAFD from above => Select OK => Right-Click on ECU (the ECU itself not the underlying CAFD) => Select CODE.

Afterwards you will be able to FDL Code ECU.