Free Download CGDI CG100X Software

As the upgraded version of CGDI CG100, CGDI CG100X supports more functions covering airbag, ECU, dashboard, etc.

Here is the software and the instruction.

Free Download CGDI CG100X Software:

CG100X V1.1.2.0

How to Install CGDI CG100X Software?

Connect CG100X to computer by USB cable, supply 12V power to CG100X.

Run CG100X software.

Click “OK” to start activation.

Here it asks you to login in.

1)If you have an account of CGDI Items, click “OK” to login in

2)If you do not have an account of CGDI, click “OK” and “No account? Create one!”

Enter info and click “Submit”, then device is registered successfully.

If you do not receive a code, please change server area in “Network”.

Login in new account.

Click “Activate the Device Now”.

Click “OK” to link account to device.

Activate successfully, and software will show you expiring date.