GODIAG V600-BM BMW Diagnostic Tool Review and Compare with ICOM BMW

More and more users give good feedback on GODIAG V600-BM BMW diagnostic and programming tool. Some tested better than ICOM Next, some tested diagnose BMW on bench, some tested it can access all systems etc.

Review 1: better than ICOM Next from BMW ISTA

Thank you very much I am very excited about this opportunity to test, thank you for letting me be involved with Godiag.

I sold 9 units for the GODIAG V600-BM, all my clients say it is better than ICOM Next from BMW ISTA. Nobody was aware of the Godiag brand until started to sell those units. I am very proud to be involved with you.

Review 2: diagnose BMW on bench

GODIAG V600-BM is able to diagnose BMW on bench by connecting to GODIAG BMW FEM/BDC Test Platform and the FEM ECU module dismantled from the car (look at the following image) .

Image 1: the connection among GODIAG V600-BM, FEM module and godiag test platform.


Image 2: GODIAG BMW FEM/BDC Test Platform


However, VXDIAG VCX SE is tested not able to diagnose BMW on bench by connecting GODIAG BMW FEM/BDC Test Platform and the FEM module.


GODIAG V600-BM Review 3:

2008 328xi bmw diagnosis: yes

2012 535i program headlight module: yes

BMW x3 e83 bj. 11.2006 all-system communication: yes

2020 F900R and F900XR: yes


Good to know:

1). After reset Godiag V600-BM, if it failed to test the car, please upgrade the license by following this video:

2). Please check if Godiag V600-BM firmware is the newest version, if not please upgrade the firmware firstly by following this guide:

https://www.uobdii.com/upload/pro/21033116172491186724.pdf (page 4 -page 6)

Question: I need the driver file of the V600 and the shortcut to the registration of the same.

Answer: Please directly open the software to test BMW vehicles.

Recommend you purchase GODIAG V600-BM with ISTA-D 4.28.20 ISTA-P software (500GB HDD):


Question: Godiag V600-BM what the WIFI pairing password, because my client still could not make his fugue with BMW software.

Answer: Wifi password is 12345678

To be upgrading…

Read this article is on how to use Godiag V600-BM correctly


Learn more Godiag V600-BM: https://www.uobdii.com/wholesale/godiag-v600-bm-tool-with-hdd.html

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