Honda HDS 3.102.051 iHDS 1.004.012 Free Download

Free Honda HIM HDS 3.102.051 iHDS 1.004.012!2ZIhDCJB!r56-WGPTXfjsNTu2rmtwwQ

No pass

HDS 3.102.051
iHDS 1.004.012
J2534 Rewrite 1.00.0013_20180123

Note: immo only works with hds so dont install ihds over hds if you want to use it

How to install Honda HDS 3.102.051 iHDS 1.004.012: (FAQ)

There are no install instructions and is this x64 or x86

Just mount iso and click setup to install hds nothing else you need to do. If you need to use ihds just install that 2nd over hds and j2534 just mount and install.

No crack needed?


HDS works but not ihds i am using windows xp sp3 i believe its a java error but sadly my java wont update

Do not work on XP. Need windows 7 for ihds and the j2534 program also

Can i program keys with hds?

I added the IMMO to the download if you check it again it will be in there, It only works with HDS not iHDS, I have not tried it with this latest version though

Has to be fresh installation or i can install it over my older version ?

I-HDS will uninstall your old version and it will install after the new one.
Not in the same time. Firsr will unistall the installed version then you will need to start the installer again and it will install the new version. ( as I remember well )
HDS will upgrade your previos version.

Btw, I always uninstall the old and do a fresh install of the new personally

When i unlock the immobiliser is it permanent or do i have to do this for every car i connect to ?

When I upgrade my HDS i uninstall old version before I install the new than i unlock the IMMO again that is just my personal preference how i do that, but you dont need to unlock it each time you want to use it with each vehicle but if you upgrade HDS to a newer version in the future then probably yes.

I did Installed HDS 3.102.004 and try to do ECM/PCM Replaced.But it not let me to do it.The HDS error message says “This function is deleted from HDS. Please use Immobilizer Setup Tool.Please exit HDS and Immobilizer Setup Tool”
What am I need to do?


I set this up on my windows 7 laptop 64 bit pro. i installed maxiflash pc suite and it automatically added the maxiflash pro to the list in the IHDS and J234 rewrite as a usable passthrough or VCI device. I have yet to try and run it on a vehicle. The next time I have a Honda Vehicle I will try. But my preliminary assessment would be yes.

Does this includes all markets of Honda? Europe and Asia also

Sorry, i’m not sure. If you want an answer with certainty, go to a tested Honda Hds HIM: this one covers all markets of Honda, look here