How much do you know about 2015 VVDI2 Software?

!!! Today, we wobd2 released the update version of VVDI— VVDI 2 commander key programmer. Here are some information about the VVDI-II software.

What is new on VVDI 2 commander?
newly add BMW Porsche model,
added plug-in function and reserved connectors,
support IMMO programming for part vehicles.

PC/ laptop requirement:
vvdi2- bmw01
VVDI commander has the following programs according to its main functions:
1. Auto detect transponder and remote frequency test
2. VVDI2- Quick Start
3. VVDI2- VAG Software
4. VVDI2- BMW Software
5. VVDI2- Transponder Programmer
6. VVDI2- PassThru Configuration
7. VVDI2- Update Online

1. Auto detect transponder and remote frequency test
These two functions are very useful.
Transponder can be auto detected by VVDI2 from main device. Just input transponder and press button “T” on VVDI 2. You just need provide power to VVDI2.
Remote key’s frequency can be auto detected by VVDI2 from the main device. Press button “F” on VVDI2, place remote key on check area and use any button on your remote key.

2. VVDI2- Quick Start
vvdi2- quick start tool

3. VVDI2- VAG Software
Support VAG cars including VW, AUDI, SEAT, SKODA, 4th immobilizer Porsche, 4th immobilizer Bentley
Main function:
Diagnostic (identification, coding, actuator test, clear&read DTCs, security access…),
4th immobilizer, 5th immobilizer,
key learn, BCM remote control,
engine control unit,
K-line instrument and immobox,
Adapt unit,
Component protection,
EEPROM dump tool…
vvdi2- vag

4. VVDI2- BMW Software
Support cars: BMW
vvdi2- bmw

Support types:
vvdi2- bmw- 1

Main function:
Read&write EWS,
Read CAS information,
Read/write CAS EEPROM,
Read/write KM stored in CAS,
Synchronization DME with CAS,
Synchronization CAS with ELV,
Key learn (immo),
File make key,
Unlock key,
File change KM,
CAS repair…

5. VVDI2- Transponder Programmer
Support many type transponder: read/write, verify, copy…
VVDI2- Transponder Programmer-1
VVDI2- Transponder Programmer-2

Prepare a special transponder (original manufacture key) and can be learned to car with PIN code.

6. VVDI2- PassThru Configuration
Support using the third-party software connected to VVDI2 for communication. Require the third-party software support SAE J2534 function.
vvdi2- passthru configuration

Support VAG diagnostic software: OIDS, VAS5054

7. VVDI2- Update Online
This update tool can update firmware and software online
vvdi- update tool
Good place to buy VVDI 2: