How to activate MB Star Diagnostic Tool Xentry Develop Mode

With Developer Mode you can do irreversible setting changes like deploy airbags, reset SBC program Tire size along with Rims and sizes, disable seat belt chime etc.

How to open/activate Mercedes Benz MB Star Diagnostic multiplexer Xentry Develop mode?

WorldOBD2.COM had the software Develop Mode activated for MB SD Connect C4, Super MB Star C3 and other MB Star C3 series Mercedes Benz diagnostic systems.

You only need to get the Xentry Develop Mode password keygen/generator to access those special functions.


This Key is able to work all version previous V2013.1 DAS/Xentry software and the key is used to active the special functions.

  1. This can only be installed on one computer.
  2. Only Supports Version before V2013.1.

For new 2014 software version, Xentry password is also needed to access special function.

This item has keygen inside, you can activate yourself. Each car model needs to be activated separately.

You can choose one key for following special functions after activation.

  1. EIS EZS
  2. Air Conditioning
  3. IC belt warning
  4. IC reverse gear warning
  5. IC special settings
  6. IC search mode unlock
  7. IC search mode unlock
  8. ABR erase VIN
  9. ABR VIN manual editing
  10. ABR Eeprom memory
  11. SRS deactivate
  12. SRS Systeminfo
  13. SRS Training
  14. SAM R Alarm
  15. SAM F Truck illumination
  16. Centr.Lock/H beams/FoglightsR
  17. DPF&ECU Flashing
  18. CDI2 EGR adjustment
  19. CDI4 EGR adjustment
  20. ISM Shiftmodule
  21. Aut.Transm.Correction Programming
  22. OFFLINE Programming
  23. FDOK Blocked vehicles
  24. FDOK Unlock Doumentation
  25. TELLE All roaming
  26. MoTelDiS
  27. RWTS211

Before order the Xentry Special Function Key Service, provide the following information to our customer service.

VIN: Format: WDB12345678901234

Service Function: PDF&ECU Flashing


MB Star diagnostic tool SN: 2013XXXER