How to change F25 CIC language with BMW E-sys

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To change 2011 x3 series F25 CIC from English to German.

A: I’ve got a 2011 x3 series F25 and have just retrofitted a CIC into it but the language is in English and when I try changing the language to German it just falls back to English. I’ve just installed esys (with E-SYS ICOM coding F-series cable) and the Fxx data packs, would someone be so kind and tell me how to change.
Also I can´t set time in CIC, are the some more changes to do?

B: You need to code your car to be retrofitted with SA609 option.

A: I have already done. Removed 663 and added 609, but language did not change. What else I have to code?

latest Update:
I´ve coded /// HU_CIC =>3001==> KOMBI_CIC = kombi_low
Time setting is now ok!

For language setting I´ve coded

KOMBI -> 3008 PIA_Einheiten -> Funktionen -> Sprache -> deutsch/werte 00
HU_CIC -> 3000 HMI -> Funktionen ->LANGUAGE_MASTER ->deutsch/werte01
HU_CIC -> 3000 HMI -> Funktionen -> LANGUAGE_1 -> deutsch / werte 01
HU_CIC -> 3000 HMI -> Funktionen -> LANGUAGE_2 -> english_uk / werte 02
HU_CIC -> 3000 HMI -> Funktionen -> LANGUAGE_3 -> fransoesich / werte 06

No changes, language is still English, not German!!!
What´s the problem?
Is there anyone who can help?

B: Are you change language from menu after coding?

A: This is my problem. When I change language in menu to German,
it switch back to English in menu.

B: try setting EINHEITEN_MASTER to hmi instead of kombi; and then retry changing languages in CIC settings menu
or try with :
KOMBI -> 3008 PIA_Einheiten -> Funktionen -> Sprache -> deutsch/werte 01

Here are all the potential ways to help change language from English to German in BMW F25 CIC by BMW ICOM A2 E-sys.