How to connect Xtool PS2 GDS gasoline Bluetooth scanner

How to setup WIFI wireless connection of Xtool PS2 GDS gasoline Bluetooth diagnostic tool?

Follow the correct guide below:

Bluetooth wireless diagnostic is the newly added feature of PS2 GDS scanner, if you follow the old way to connect the xtool device, the diagnostic scanner will fail to work properly.


Here is the diagram of connecting PS2 Bluetooth scanner:

bluetooth diagnostic tool

If the WIFI icon is not in “X” condition which means the wireless connection is built. Follow the connect method above, the Bluetooth connection will automatically matched and ready to use.

 xtool ps2




Q: Does the scanner come with built-in battery or additional power supply?

A: The Bluetooth PS2 comes with built-in battery.


Q: Can this work on diesel heavy-duty model?

A: This is only for gasoline cars, for truck models, you need to order PS2 truck scanner Item No: SH09.


Q: I try to register with product serial number, password and distributor code, but fail to access?


A: The Distributor code should be “xtool” (in lower case)