How to install VXDIAG software for Porsche, JLR, Subaru etc

VXDIAG multi diagnostic tool series are manufactured by AllScanner tech. The device now has released following OEM diagnostic software:

# OEM Diagnostic Software Yes/No Status
1 PASSTHRU SAE-J2534-1/2 Pass-Thru Yes Released
2 PORSCHE Porsche PIWS2 Tester Yes Released
3 TOYOTA Toyota TIS Techstream Yes Released
4 HONDA Honda Diagnostic system HDS Yes Released
5 SUBARU Subaru Select Monitor SSM III Yes Released
6 VOLVO Volvo VIDA Yes Released
7 JLR Jaguar& Landrover SDD Yes Released

NOTE: If your VXDIAG device supports Porsche and JLR and you need Toyota, Honda and Subaru software, you need to buy application drivers for them.



Operating system: Win XP/Win 7/Win 8/Vista/Win 8.1


How to install AllScanner VXDIAG Multi diagnostic software?


  1. Install VX Manager software


Install VX Manger and Driver stored in the CD-ROM or download the newest setup files on official website:


Run “VX Manager.exe” to setup


Click “Next”


Accept license agreement, click “Next”


Disconnect USB cable to the computer during installation, click “Next”


Software installing

VXDIAG SDK Drive installing


Setup completed. This will create “VX Manager” shortcut on the desktop


  1. Connect VXDIAG diagnostic tool


Connect the OBDII cable to the vehicle 16-pin diagnostic port and USB cable to the computer


NOTE: After device is boot, the power LED will flash and you will hear a buzzer/beep.



  1. Install USB Driver


Install USB driver for Win 7/Win 8/Win 8.1


The first time to connect USB cable to the computer, windows will prompt “Installing device driver”

Windows will automatically install the driver


Install USB driver for Win XP


The first time to connect USB cable to the computer, windows will prompt “Found New Hardware”


Follow these steps to install driver







The USB driver is installed completely and ready to use. The LED indicator will flash.



  1. Run VXDIAG VX Manager software


Make sure well communication is built. Run “VX Manager” software on the desktop, check the device information, software, firmware, SN etc.


Select Diagnostic Apps and start diagnostic functions.




To use the OEM factory diagnosis functions, you will need to install corresponding vehicle diagnosis driver.

Click an application in vehicle diagnosis windows, and you will get a driver installation window.


【Install】 VX Manager will download the newest diagnostic driver from server and install it. Then you can start to use the original diagnostic functions.


【Update】 Update installed diagnostic driver from server.

【Uninst】 Uninstall the diagnostic driver

【Run】 Run the original diagnostic application.


VXDIAG User Guide



Product information:

Allscanner VXDIAG MULTI Diagnostic Tool for Porsche PIWS2 Tester II V16.8 and LAND ROVER JLR V139 with CF30 Laptop Support Original Software


VXDIAG SUBARU SSM-III Multi Diagnostic Tool V2015.01

VXDIAG MULTI Diagnostic Tool for Porsche PIWS2 Tester II V16.8 and LAND ROVER JLR V139 with HDD Software


VXDIAG MULTI Diagnostic Tool for TOYOTA V10.30.029+ HONDA V3.014+ LandRover/Jagua JLR V139 3 IN 1 Support Original Software


If you have any question please let me konw