How to Sovle VAS5054A Odis-E 7.2.2 can’t run under VMware

Topic: VAS5054A Odis-E 7.2.2 cant run under VMware?


When I try to run Odis-E 7.2.2 it says “This program cannot be run under VMWARE”


Close VMWare
Go to your virtual machine folder
Make a backup of your VMWare virtual machine file (.vmx) and rename it xxxx_backup.vmx or something like that
Open the original .vmx file in Notepad and add the following text all the way at the bottom:

Code: = “TRUE” = “TRUE” = “TRUE” = “TRUE”
monitor_control.disable_directexec = “TRUE”
monitor_control.disable_chksimd = “TRUE”
monitor_control.disable_ntreloc = “TRUE”
monitor_control.disable_selfmod = “TRUE”
monitor_control.disable_reloc = “TRUE”
monitor_control.disable_btinout = “TRUE”
monitor_control.disable_btmemspace = “TRUE”
monitor_control.disable_btpriv = “TRUE”
monitor_control.disable_btseg = “TRUE”
usb:0.present = “TRUE”
usb:0.deviceType = “hid”
usb:0.port = “0”
usb:0.parent = “-1”

Save it, close it.
Then it will work again. I’ve got ETKA8, Elsawin 6, ODIS-S 4.2.3 and ODIS-E 7.2.2 running in just one virtual machine at Windows 7 x86.

Warning: VMware Tools will not work anymore, so no easy/copy paste anymore. Be creative on that problem, for example use your automatic syncing cloud-storage or something like that.

Video: Odis-E Windows 7 native install



This solution worked for me

I added this to my .vmx files and seems to do the trick
Odis 7.2.2 now running in virtual machine
monitor_control.restrict_backdoor = “TRUE”