X431 PRO Elite Review: Powerful Budget Tool

In this article we will go through the new Launch X431 PRO Elite, let’s see what it could do!


This is a next-level scan tool for professional diagnostics and at an affordable price at 500 dollars.

You can add on battery adapters, TPMS adapters, add it onto this scan tool.


Service Function

This tool has 32 reset functions.


Vehicle Coverage

Way more than 150 vehicles.


You can add on these things, stuff, cars.


OBD cable, charging cable, user manual, a bag of connectors you’ll never use,

They are in a hard case, a nice shell.

Other Functions

Tablet setting, browser…

Toolbox has IMMO Programmer, that’s very important.

This do a huge selection of immobilizer programming.

Demo Mode

This is a little bit faster than what it really is.


We got to add on for TPMS and have a reader to attach to.



The main focus of these scan tools is the functions and additions that you get at the beginning.

There are a few cars that this doesn’t do great at like Asian cars.

X431 PRO Elite is a definitely better bang for your buck.

It can do ECU coding, and this is going to take care of 75%-90% of most tech needs.


Review from CP The Tool Addict


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