MB Star C4 to program DRL on Mercedes-Benz

I want to install daytime running lamp (DRL) on my W164. It has advanced fog lights and they turn on when you turn the wheel. When I activate day running lights (in SAM module) it turns the low beam light on. Using Star Diagnosis, I changed low beam to fog lights, but it again turns low beam on.

After a long-time searching in the Internet, someone told me that Canadian Mercedes DRLs can be activated via Star diagnosis, no sure if US cars will do. And the bro suggested MB SD C4 diagnostic tool for it. He asked me to better to choose XENTRY MB SD Connect Compact 4 WIFI unit for Mercedes-Benz. And STAR Diagnostic is a PC-based on-board diagnostic software.

With this suggestion, I searched the forum post or other Mercedes forums to get tutorial guide there.

Here is the useful tips I get:
Procedure to turn on daytime running lamps 2002/2003 ML500 for Canada standards

Here is the actual procedure, if interested, to turn on daytime running lamps, to suit Canada laws.
This is for a 2002, 2003 ML500, in this case, I’m importing mine from Nevada to British Columbia. Previous years, I think are different.

Model 163.154/157/174/175

Model Year 2002 and 2003

Enabling Daytime Running Lamps

Beginning with SDS issue 01.2002, it is possible to activate Daytime Running Lamps (DRL) on Model Year 2002 and 2003 vehicles.

This can be done by the following the procedure using the Star Diagnosis System (SDS).

Select the correct model select Control units select Body select AAM – All Activity Module select Control unit adaptations select Read coding and change if necessary select National version this will probably be set for USA change this to Canada hit F3 to change coding end DAS

When the exterior lamp switch is in the 0 (off) position, only the low beams will be on when the engine is running and it is light outside. When the ambient light sensor senses dusk, the parking lamps will also be switched on. This may also occur if there is frost on the windshield. In this position, it is not possible to use the high beams by pressing the exterior lamp switch forward. The high beam flasher does function. Neither the front nor rear fog lamps can be used.

When the exterior lamp switch is in the AUTO position, the lamps will turn on as described above with one exception. It is possible to use the high beams by pressing the eAerior lamp switch forward.

The exterior lamp switch must be in the headlamp on position to turn on the fog lamps.

Hope it helps you also.

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