MTDIAG M1 vs OBDSTAR ISCAN BMW Motorcycle Diagnostic Tool

BMW Motorcycle Diagnostic Tool Comparison: MTDIAG M1 vs OBDSTAR ISCAN BMW, Which one is better? Here is the Comparison Table:

Full Diagnostic
Auto Scan/VIN
Read ecu information
Read trouble code
Clear trouble code
Live data
Oil reset
Calibrate ESA
Calibrate SAF
Calibrate headlight
immo key(Only old car remote control settings) X
Switch off transport
action test X
ecu programmer X
coding X
CO Adjustment X
10 pin Cable optional
Update 2 years free 1 year free
Connection method Bluetooth obd cable
Language English English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese

OBDSTAR ISCAN BMW Diagnostic Tool is better in OBDII Scan and ECU programming, support more functions and languages. MTDIAG M1 is better in Bluetooth Connection and use via Phone,which is more convenient and portable and support 2 years free update.

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What is OBDSTAR iScan BMW Motorcycle Diagnostic Tool?

OBDSTAR iScan BMW Motorcycle Diagnostic Tool is a portable tablet that has super performance and industrial appearance design specialized for BMW. It is a new generation of intelligent motorcycle diagnostic equipment tailored for customers. Based on RK3128 Quad-Core processor and equipped with a 5.0-inch capacities touch screen, brings customer professional diagnosis experience. Support automatic scanning, automatic VIN recognition, control module programming and coding, ECU setting, instrument coding, tire pressure monitoring system, maintenance light reset, CO adjustment, idle speed adjustment, A/F value reset, ABS control unit setting , EOL mode, transmission memory reset, clear computer memory, etc.


1. New Android 5.1.1 operation system, 5-inch touch screen, with USB interface
2.16GB storage capacity and support 32G Micro SD (TF) extension memory card
3. light weight, about 700g, portable
4.2500mA, rechargeable polymer lithium battery, charging by OBD
5. With specific diag connector, no need to disassemble
6. Wi-Fi connection to the Internet, one-click software upgrade
7. One-Click remote function, OBDSTAR technical staff remote assistance
8. Menu Arbitrary selection is more convenient and quick;
9. Record and play back real-time data streams, quickly and accurately locate sensor and component faults
10. Multi-language: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Polish, French, Turkish, Indonesian, Persian and Korean
Waht is MTDIAG M1 BMW Motorcycle Diagnostic Tool?
MTDIAG M1 is a professional diagnostic scan tool for BMW motors, with comprehensive functions. It is a BMW motorcycle customized mobile diagnostic instrument which means that Android users need to use it with their Android phones and tablets to do diagnoses (App for Apple users is still in developing).
1.Convenient and fast to use, and easy-to-understand operation;
2.Covered BMW Motor all series: C, E, F, G, K, R, S;
3.Covered BMW Motor all diagnostic functions and service;
4.Functions of all system;
5.Common service functions: Oil reset, IMMO key, Calibrate ESA, Calibrate SAF, Calibrate headlight, Switch off transport mode, etc.
6.Support standard OBDII-16 and BMW 10 PIN connector