Nissan CONSULT III plus 73.20.00 Download link

Here is Nissan CONSULT III plus 73.20.00!e4xkyDab!IsFnLezChl4OHfR2xXoCqn5cpfILj58O3HoYxK7ntmE

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Consult 3 plus v73 FAQs:

QIs the any one can say about programming key without security card ? is it possible or not ?

AYes. It’s possible.

QSo which version is able to programming key without security card ?

A72.20 is your bet. But you need to modify

QI tried to reprogram the ABS module for a 2009 Nissan Murano but reprogramming option was disabled(Gray). any body knows how to activate it?

Ayou need to edit the file DiagnoticTool.ini to enable reprogramming and also IMMO. Or if you have money to waste buy the reprogramming card and the NATS card. Add the following line to the DiagnosticTool.ini file


also make sure system management access_mode is set to 1. That should give you full access. That’s not to say that it will work if you do not have the correct calibration file in the reprogramming folder on the C drive. good luck


I was able to update 2013 Altima 2.5 ECU using this software and genuine

Nissan Toughbook and VI2, also works with Dell D630 32 or 64 bit W7.

Just run the 4 setups, after install completes, copy and save the 10 gigs in the

ReproProgramming folder to another location, then delete all files in that

folder. Then copy over the Dat and Csv files into the ReproProgramming

folder. Then just follow the programming steps in Consult 3 plus as there

are quite a few. Make sure your power supply can maintain system voltage

while programming, mine started out at 13.5 but after a few minutes dropped

to 12.5, the spec is 12.0-13.5. The procedure takes a full 10 minutes.

I tried several versions of Consult 3 plus software, they worked fine for

scanning, but when trying Ecu programming, the Program buttons

were all greyed out. This version worked.

Have fun