No ignition/ battery in INPA (Solved)

I downloaded and installed the INPA hosted in the sticky on a forum, but upon connecting the cable to the car (2001 E39 530D) i can’t see to get anything to say that it’s communicating/connecting/detecting anything, ignition and battery lights just stay unlit, I’m using a cheap K+DCAN USB cable from China.

Win Xp seemed to install the drivers for the cable ok, i’m using an old Thinkpad R50e with a fresh install of XP on it as i had installed the BMW INPA stuff on it and still had the same problems so wiped and started with fresh installs.
Solution from a bro on forum:
i had the same issue as you…this was my solution. first i ordered this INPA K+DCAN cable at a Chinese site,and i asked the seller if the cable comes with the driver and the inpa program he answered me only the driver.. so i came to forum and found the inpa program i downloaded it and installed it on the computer waiting for the cable…

When the INPA cable arrived to me, i noticed that the CD that came with not only have the cable driver but also inpa program too. So i thought that if it came with it should be for a reason.. so i deleted it the first one that i installed and install this one.. to find out that i just spend two days trying to get inpa to read my car and nothing came up…

Finally i decided to install inpa again.. the one that i download from this side….and connect and install just the drivers of the cable and buchacalaca finally i got inpa to read my car…. make sure you put the associated com. in my case was com2 when installing the driver of K+DCAN cable.. you will need to put it when installing inpa .

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