Original AutoHex II verified working well for BMW diagnosis and program

This morning, worldobd2.com customer service received another one good feedback about original AutoHex II BMW diagnostic and programming tool. He express his strongly pleasure to AutoHex II, he said:
“I got the new tool today, it worked beautiful in BMW E65 2002 745i, but i am super glad with it. Let me talk something when I saw little interface I said this toy cost 3.5K USD. I tested with used DME and I programmed in 5 seconds and all work how you show in the listing of you web. Really good tool.”

Original Autohex is great over other BMW diagnostic and programming tools at the following aspects:
AutoHex II was designed to fully meet your technical needs on a wide range of vehicles brands.

With a great ability same as OEM tool, AutoHex II brings you the horizon with ultimate functions and services same as the OEM tool being utilized at any dealer’s service center.

Autohex function:
Reading/erasing DTCs, live data streaming, and some activations, became NOT the reason to purchase a scan tool.
Nowadays, with the rapid growing of automotive technology, you definitely will need a reliable, powerful scan tool which can simply perform all programming and special functions such as; ECU replacement/update, coding, adaptations, key programming and more.

Autohex communication way
LET’S MAKE IT EASY, this is our slogan; with the possibility to connect your laptop via Wi-Fi/USB to AutoHex II, things will become easier.

Autohex OS:
The great support of any touch screen, AutoHex II software works under Windows XP, Windows7, and Windows 8.

Autohex professional Engineering team
AutoHex II provides you many crucial services such as the pin code and the online technical support, where both are available in our database library, our directory of most car failure solutions can save you hours of head scratching if you’re struggling to diagnose or correct a problem.

Our Engineering Team of dedicated professionals is committed to provide our customers with the latest online software updates, and technical services.

Any question, please call at Autohex engineer: 009613311327 or chat at whatsapp: 009613311327.

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